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Debt - Taxes and Energy

Government Debt

Private business cannot print money, as the federal government is now doing. I believe government must operate more like business, by working from a business plan, developing a budget, and looking at return on investment. We don’t look at government with a return on investment, but who says we can’t? Are we getting the services we need from government in the most efficient way we can? Are we utilizing technology in the best way? Ohio must operate on a budget and stay inside that budget. At the national level, it greatly concerns me that we have a national debt the size of yearly GDP.  By the same token, we cannot use the budget like a blunt instrument which batters local economies. We must empower local government to employ efficient practices.

Vote Smart Government. Vote Vitale.


In 1986, personal and corporate taxes were equalized. This was a good idea during this time period as 13% of the US economy was engaged in global trade. Today, it is 30%. This is the primary reason to lower the corporate tax code. The US is one of the highest taxed industrialized nations and our code is complicated. It becomes more advantageous to grow a business in China, Brazil or Mexico. On several occasions,  we have had customers ask us to move our manufacturing business south of the border and we have even lost business when we were unwilling to move. Ohio can reduce this effect by lowering corporate taxes and encouraging our Ohio grown business to stay and keep our Ohioans employed. I want to help Ohio workers and Ohio companies keep more of their own money.

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Probably the single most important way we can become business friendly and job friendly is to focus on domestic energy production that drives the economy. I agree that we must continue to purse energies that are lower in carbon emissions and develop more fuel efficient cars and trucks; however, oil, gas and nuclear are the life blood of the economy and produce the lion’s share of the energy at the most economic cost. Harnessing our resources close to home holds down transportation costs as well as electrical transmission.  I would promote prudent growth of all energy resources in Ohio and make sure developers are good stewards of the environment and good neighbors to our communities. Ohio is blessed to hold the resources which will fuel our future.

Vote Smart Energy. Vote Vitale.