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Distortions from my Opponents

This is why America is turned off to Politics and Politicians.

My Opponent Claims I Agree with Obama 100%. Is this True?

Just what did I say about Obama?

See the picture below of the mailer and the newspaper article he is referencing.

You can also watch my answer for yourself. Below is a short 2 minute video link from the debate which the paper was quoting.

Distortions like this turn America off to politics and politicians. Is this lack of integrity what you expect from a candidate for state representative? It’s time to end negative politics and return trust to government. Vote Integrity. Vote Nino Vitale May 6th.

Click the images for a larger view and scroll down for the newspaper article and video of what I actually said.

See what I said for yourself in this 2 minute video.

See what Ohio Conservative Review has to say about Doug Chamberlain and politics at its worst.

...Our leaders should be above reproach–in morals and in messaging.

Right now these sophomores and thousands of other Ohioans are waking up to another stroke of irony. The “Honorable” Doug Chamberlain, a family court judge and career lawyer, has let slip the dogs of war against frontrunner Nino Vitale with two flagrantly dishonest ad hominem attacks.

These attacks are the very essence of desperation and dishonor. That they fly the banner of a family court judge–an applier of the law regarding society’s most vital institution–is saddening and disturbing....(read more)

My opponent claims I cannot be trusted because I have changed my name. 

Has my name changed and why?

My mother married a Vietnam veteran at a very young age. Their marriage only lasted 4 years due to his drug and alcohol problems after the war. My mom then married a man with the last name Blanch; he adopted me and changed my name. Later, they too divorced. 

Then I received information from a grandmother that our family name had been changed at Ellis Island. I changed my name to Brangato based on this information---which unfortunately turned out to be incorrect.

When Lilli and I got married, we wanted a true family name for our children and this inspired us to change our name to Vitale, my mother's maiden name.

None of this was done in secret and is all a matter of public record. My mother is a strong woman who has fought through much adversity, and I am proud to bear her name---Vitale. Her struggles may be why I am such an outspoken advocate for strong families and the importance of both mothers' and fathers' involvement in their children's lives.

Something else you might like to know, the state of Ohio has a rigorous background check process to become a foster family. The state of Ohio approved our family after this long study and has trusted us to care for the children of others.

I love my mother for all she has done and I am is trusted by the state of Ohio Foster System with others' children.

You too can trust me with your vote.

Doug Chamberlain's criticism of my childhood and family decisions, and his twisting of this in a mass mailer, is unbecoming of a prior family court judge. It is an example of why people are turned off by politics.

I am running to restore the public trust, strengthen families, and make government more responsive to the people and smarter with taxpayer dollars.

Nino Vitale

Vote Integrity. Vote Nino Vitale May 6th.