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Growing Ohio's Economy and Creating Jobs "in" Ohio

Grow Business Not Government.

Growing Ohio's Economy and Creating Jobs "in" Ohio


The best way to grow the economy is through the private sector, not by growing government spending or government jobs. I have worked in the private sector for 20 years as a marketing executive for numerous companies including Apple Computer, Frigidaire Appliances, Best Buy, Simonton Windows, Wendy’s International, Limited Brands and Limited Too. And today, working at Johnson Welded Products, our family company which makes air reservoirs for heavy truck brake systems.

Everyone talks about creating jobs, but I actually have. Economic development is about developing quality products or services made by a trained and motivated workforce. We need people in government making sure Ohio provides a world class workforce, a great education system,  affordable and reliable energy and a transportation system that is second to none. Making government ‘business friendly’ and ‘people and job friendly’ is my goal and, where appropriate, getting government out of the way.

Vote Jobs. Vote Vitale.