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Educating our Children

Parents and Local Educators are Primary.


As is true with most of my policy positions, I feel folks at the local level are the ones best equipped to make decisions for their school district. Parents, teachers, and local administrators are the ones that know their schools and children best. They know what changes and improvements need to be made to their local district and how best to organize to accomplish these goals. My children are now learning in ways that I would never have dreamed of. Sometimes government handicaps our schools with unnecessary mandates that cost a lot but do little. I believe decisions are best handled in the community, not at the state or federal level.

The education of our workforce in Ohio is what many corporate executives say is a top indicator in their willingness to locate their companies and thus jobs, in Ohio. I believe we should encourage partnerships for job training that make Ohio’s workforce second to none. Overall, I strongly feel parents are the primary educators of their children and must be involved in their children’s education. They should have the final say in choosing what they want their kids to learn. The family should decide if they want their children to go to public school, private school, charter schools, homeschool or whatever best fits this most personal family decision. I am also against Common Core. I have a sister who is a second grade public school teacher and from my research and listening to her, this is a program being forced on teachers, parents and students from un-elected boards.